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Basic Restaurant China Diner Mug

Basic Restaurant China Diner Mug


The heft is unmistakeable, the shapes are classic. Often described as "retro", restaurant china with its simple lines and warm white color is actually timeless in its appeal. Originally made for everyday use in a rough and tumble world of busy waiters and clumsy dishwashers, its thick rolled edges deflect chipping while its glaze repels stains.

Restaurant China is a unique blending of fine china and porcelain, designed and engineered specifically for use in commercial operations. It was developed to give great impact strength and durability with the extremely low porosity or absorption that is required for china used in public dining establishments.

It is super-functional and fun to use, often conjuring up memories of clattering dishes and steaming coffee at a roadside diner, meals taken in the dining car on a cross-country railroad journey or lazy summer suppers on a vacation spent at a far-away hotel. Simply put, this china is some of the best stuff out there!

Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe. Mug holds 8 oz. Please note, this china is made from natural clays that come from the earth. The glaze that is fired on each piece is clear, so the overall color of the china varies depending on the clay used in the manufacture. The overall off-white color of the piece can vary slightly from a creamy off-white to an off-white with more of a gray hue.

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