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Vintage Pearl Lariat Necklace

Vintage Pearl Lariat Necklace


 Dripping with the charm and romance of bygone eras, this beautifully beaded Vintage Pearl Lariat Necklace is sure to become a favorite of your jewelry collection. Delicately beaded with glimmering semi-precious stones, this necklace's true crowning glory is the set of deliciously lush vintage baroque pearls.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. Measures approximately 37 1/2" long. 

Learn More About Our Antique Jewelry

Culled from antique markets the world over, we are pleased to offer an impressive collection of estate jewelry. Captured by their unique beauty and exceptional fashion, this fascinating and one-of-a-kind collection inspires as each piece tells a wistful and nostalgic story all its own.

With a Victorian-era locket from France to a German Sterling coin necklace adorned with black pearls from the 1800’s to a floral hand-painted English ceramic medallion necklace with delicate strands of citrine, each piece has been perfectly married with modern bits and baubles, sure to stir with their every sweet detail.

Adorned with sparkling beads and semi-precious gemstones, we are sure you will be bewitched by the collection much as we have as you will surely pen the romantic end to a piece as it awaits its ever-after story.

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Vintage Pearl Lariat Necklace Vintage Pearl Lariat Necklace Vintage Pearl Lariat Necklace
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