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Antique Samaritaine Paris Coffeepot

Antique Samaritaine Paris Coffeepot


Opened in 1869 in the heart of Paris, the "Grands Magasins de La Samaritaine" grew to become one of Paris' most glamorous department stores. Located on the banks of the River Seine in a breath-taking art deco masterpiece of a building, La Samaritaine was one of those chic Parisian institutions where one could find anything - anything fashionable, that is.  Perhaps the best feature of the store was its unequaled rooftop terrace restaurant.  Perched 11 stories above the city, the price of lunch included some of the most magnificent views of Paris.

Closed in 2005 for extensive renovations, La Samaritaine is slated to reopen sometime in 2019 as a mixed-use hotel, apartment, restaurant, brewery, café and offices with perhaps (hopefully) a small retail component as well.

Produced in the early 1900s, an absolutely delightful porcelain coffee pot decorated with lush pink floral details and near the top of the pot, in light blue, the name of the iconic Samaritaine. Sold as a souvenir of the most extravagant of Parisian stores, this charming coffee pot was the perfect offering for someone who just had to take something beautiful home from La Samaritaine.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In good antique condition. 7 3/4" tall x 7 1/2" wide from spout to handle. Handwashing recommended.

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Antique Samaritaine Paris Coffeepot Antique Samaritaine Paris Coffeepot Antique Samaritaine Paris Coffeepot
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