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French Dish Towels - Set of 3

French Dish Towels - Set of 3


In the French tradition, our unbleached, organic cotton Tea Towels have been beautifully embroidered with the French description of their intended purpose: a Hand Towel, a Towel for Dishes and a Towel for Glassware. The faded red embroidery matches the varying red patterns woven into the fabric of these delightful towels. How beautiful, how clever and how very French!

Each 100% organic cotton towel measures 28" x 21". Imported. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low.

If you think the concern for cross-contamination in the kitchen is a modern phenomenon, think again!  In the traditional French kitchen from the early part of the 20th century, it was very common to find a towel rack with 3 or more hooks. Each hook was labeled to help designate the purpose of the towel hanging there.  One towel was for drying your hands, another for drying dishes, and another for drying glassware.  (There may have also been a fourth hook with the towel for drying cutlery.)

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French Dish Towels - Set of 3
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