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Pink Milk Glass Panel Tumbler

Pink Milk Glass Panel Tumbler


Exactingly reissued by one of the last remaining glass manufacturers in the United States, we are proud to offer our lovely Pink Milk Glass Roseite Tumblers.  Pressed from original, vintage moulds, these wonderful glasses are not only lovely, but are sturdy and functional as well.  Perfect in the kitchen, or the bath! 

Roseite - the lovely pink milk glass cousin to Jadeite, was manufactured in the United States by several glass companies from the 1940s to  the late 1950s.  Each company produced a slight variant either lighter or darker of the pretty pale pink color. 

Holds 8 ounces.  Measures 4" high and 2 3/4" in diameter. Slight variations are customary in pressed glass and should not be considered defects.

Why Is Pink Milk Glass More Expensive?

To create the dreamy shade of pink milk glass, a rare earth element called Erbium, was added to the molten glass. To perfectly capture that authentic, delicate shade of pink, Erbium is also used in the production of these tumblers. It is the addition of rare erbium that adds to the production costs and makes these beautiful pink milk glass pieces a bit more dear than their Jadeite counterparts.

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Pink Milk Glass Panel Tumbler Pink Milk Glass Panel Tumbler
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