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Vintage Silverplate Anchor Line Compote

Vintage Silverplate Anchor Line Compote



“Every Scot thrills with pride and memories of the adventure and enjoyment of travel on hearing of the Anchor Line. When I was a boy it was the ambition of every youngster to sail across the Atlantic on an Anchor Liner..."

The Anchor Line Ltd had its beginnings in 1838 when two brothers, Nicol and Robert Handyside, established themselves in Glasgow, Scotland, as shipbrokers and merchants. In 1856 it ran its first transatlantic crossing from Glasgow to New York and by the twentieth century it ran regular transatlantic crossings, Mediterranean cruises and passenger sailings to India and Pakistan. The company had distinctive Scottish roots and was famous for its sleek ships and for the comfort it offered its travelers at an affordable cost.

With the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930s, the Anchor Line struggled, but with new management soon regained its footing.  Following World War II, it struggled once again to change with the times. Its core markets gradually disappeared with the expansion of air transport. The company restructured several times to try and stay abreast of events but the last Anchor line ships were finally withdrawn from service in 1980 and the company was no more.

What we have left today are such precious mementos from the once glorious Anchor Line. Found at market in northern England, we are pleased to offer this handsome compote from the Anchor Line. Produced in 1924 by Britain's great Elkington Silversmiths, the compote is top-stamped with the Anchor Line's house flag and name within a belt and buckle crest. Rich in history with clean lines and rich presence, this is certainly a special and storied piece full of the romance of the bygone era of Steamship Travel.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In very good original condition. 8" x 4 3/4".

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Vintage Silverplate Anchor Line Compote Vintage Silverplate Anchor Line Compote Vintage Silverplate Anchor Line Compote
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