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German Glass Birdcage Ornament

German Glass Birdcage Ornament


Located in the central German state of Thüringen, the small mountain village of Lauscha is considered the birthplace of handmade glass-blown Weihnachtsbaumschmuck - in other words, the glass Christmas tree ornaments that are beloved around the world. Famous for glassblowing since the 16th century, Lauscha became a celebrated holiday phenomenon across Europe in 1846. It was that Christmas that a London newspaper shared an illustration of Queen Victoria's royal Christmas tree, adorned with the magnificent glass ornaments from her husband Prince Albert's native Germany. In the 1880's, American retail magnate F.W. Woolworth discovered the region's unique, stunning ornaments on a trip to Germany and  began importing them to the United States.

After World War II, the glass-blowing factories of Lauscha were taken over by the East German government, unable to re-establish themselves as private companies until the fall of the Berlin wall.

Today, the picturesque town of Lauscha is still home to a small number of traditional glass-blowers, and every Christmas, thousands flock to the snowy village for the splendid Christmas treasures it has to offer.

From a third-generation glass-blowing studio in Germany, we are pleased to present this German Glass Birdcage Ornament. Fashioned from Victorian molds, this delicate and sweetly rendered ornament features a brightly painted yellow bird as he nestles inside his charming glittering birdcage. There's even a bit of bird seed inside the cage!  Filled with old world charm, this magical bird will be the most charming addition to your tree this holiday.

3" x 1 3/4".

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