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Vintage St. Raphael Ice Bucket

Vintage St. Raphael Ice Bucket


A quintessential Vintage French Bistro Ice Bucket provided by the St. Raphael company to promote their brand. Produced in heavy, thick faceted glass, the bucket is decorated with the classic St. Raphael signature logo. In excellent vintage condition, this delightful bucket is sure to bring its French Bistro charms to your home bar.

Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale. Circa 1950s. 4" x 4 1/2".

St. Raphael is a classic French aperitif first produced in 1830 and made of either fortified red or white wine and a mixture of plant aromatics.

Legend has it, that a Dr. Juppet spent his nights trying to develop a cocktail containing the bark of the anti-malarial quinquina plant found in Ecuador. Afflicted with diminished eyesight, Dr. Juppet appealed to the Archangel Raphael for help in developing his cocktail.  (Raphael was known to have restored sight, according to Biblical accounts.)  Since Raphael helped the doctor in developing his concoction, the doctor named it after the archangel.

Originally sold in pharmacies as a tonic, the brand long high-lighted the benefits of quinquina in its iconic advertisements.

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Vintage St. Raphael Ice Bucket
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