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Vintage Orangina Straw Holder

Vintage Orangina Straw Holder


If ever there was a French global brand, Orangina is certainly one of them. Orangina made its first appearance at the Marseilles Trade Fair in 1935. The refreshing, lightly carbonated soda made with a blend of citrus juices along with orange pulp, was the creation of a Spanish chemist named Dr. Trigo. He had actually invented the drink a couple of years earlier, but it was at the 1935 trade fair that it caught the attention of a French business man who bought the concept and recipe and began work on producing it for sale to the public. 

Following World War II, production of Orangina began in the French colony of Algeria and it quickly became the most popular soft drink throughout French North Africa. From there, Orangina's popularity spread to France and the rest of Europe, while its unique glass bottle, shaped like an orange with a texture to mimic that of the fruit, became an iconic symbol of the brand. With clever advertising, Orangina grew in popularity and is today enjoyed by over 500 million people worldwide. 

Found at market in France, this very rare and highly collectible vintage milk glass straw holder was once provided to cafés to promote the Orangina brand. Designed after Orangina's iconic bottle, this delightful straw holder will bring its colorful charms to your kitchen while keeping a supply of drinking straws cheerfully at the ready! 

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In good vintage condition with fading to the label as seen in images. Circa 1950s. 5" x 2 7/8". Straws not included. 

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Vintage Orangina Straw Holder Vintage Orangina Straw Holder Vintage Orangina Straw Holder Vintage Orangina Straw Holder
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