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Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2

Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2


Reproduced from an antique original, our Pontarlier Absinthe Glasses are exact in every detail. Made of sturdy, clear pressed glass to the same measurements of the orginal, including the shaped reservoir near the bottom of the glass's bowl. The indentation at the top of the reservoir indicates the portion of absinthe to be poured. As is custom, the rest of the glass would be slowly filled with chilled water and sweetened to taste.

The Pontarlier glass was made famous, and subsequently named, after being featured in a local newspaper advertisement in Pontarlier, France. Located along the Swiss border, it was also the location of the leading absinthe producer of the time - Pernod Fils. Through a nationwide marketing campaign, the original advert made its way to bars all over France, creating recognition rapide for the Pontarlier glass which soon became synonymous with absinthe.

For any well-stocked home bar, these traditional absinthe Pontarlier glasses will be ideal for enjoying La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy), or as a unique glass for any cocktail creation at your next soirée!

Sold as a set of 2. Glasses measure 5.75"H  3.5"D. 

Learn More About Absinthe

Crystal clear in the bottle, potent emerald green in the glass, and 144 proof - absinthe is as illicit as it is intoxicating. It's also among history's most notorious spirits - romanticized and maligned in equal measure. Sipped by Oscar Wilde, Baudelaire, van Gogh, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, and many other prominent artists and writers, absinthe was first used in ancient Greece for its healing powers. In 19th century France, it became a symbol of decadence and soon a scapegoat for the social and political ills of the period, leading to its ultimate prohibition.

Traditionally, absinthe is poured into a glass over which a specially designed filligreed absinthe spoon is placed. A sugar cube is then placed in the bowl of the spoon. Cold water is slowly poured or dripped from a carafe or an absinthe fountain over the sugar cube until the drink is sweetened & diluted to taste - anywhere from a 3:1 to 5:1 ratio of water to absinthe. During this process, the components that are not soluble in water, mainly those from anise, fennel and star anise cloud the drink, giving absinthe its eerily green, milky opalescence. The addition of water is an important step, causing the herbs to "blossom" and bringing out many of the flavors originally overpowered by the anise. 


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Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2 Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2 Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2 Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2 Pontarlier Absinthe Glass - Set of 2
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