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Vintage Maxim's de Paris Ashtray

Vintage Maxim's de Paris Ashtray


Maxim's de Paris.  The name is world-renowned and synonymous with turn-of-the-century French luxury and elegance.  Add Maxim's devoted following of celebrities throughout the decades and you have a truly iconic restaurant.

Found at market in Paris, a charming souvenir from the glamorous Maxim's de Paris. Rendered in bright white porcelain, this elegant ashtray is decorated with Art Nouveau flourishes and a bold capital M for Maxim's. With a single well that is large enough to hold a cigar, this storied ashtray captures a bit of the decadent spirit of "Art de Vivre" at the iconic Maxim's de Paris!

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In very good vintage condition. 4.25" in length x 2.25"

Learn More About Maxim's de Paris

The legend of Maxim's began in 1893 when Maxime Gaillard, a simple waiter, opened a bistro, "small as a cork", at the now-legendary address, 3 Rue Royale in Paris. Soon Maxime found his bistro filled with fabulous clients, the fashionable, elegant and brilliant of that era. In spite of this early success, the bills often remained unpaid and Maxime Gaillard eventually handed the keys over to Eugene Cornuché who went on to create the legend that Maxim’s is today.

Cornuché called upon the artists of the day to turn the bistro into an Art Nouveau masterpiece and became renowned for the lovely women that were his customers. Cornuché would declare: “An empty room… never! I always have a beauty sitting by the window, in view from the sidewalk”.

Crowned heads, the wealthy and great names from all over the world crossed paths at Maxim’s at the turn of the century: Edouard VII, Marcel Proust, Mistinguett, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich… all made the evenings delightful.

However Maxim's most extravagant period remains the decade of the 1950’s. Every evening glittering personalities like Onassis, Maria Callas, the Windsors, the fabulously rich heiress of the Woolworth store chain, Barbara Hutton, and the rest of Hollywood dined on the banquettes in the great salon.

Owned by designer Pierre Cardin since the early 1980s, Maxim's has continued to be a beacon of glamour and Art Nouveau luxury in the heart of Paris.

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Vintage Maxim's de Paris Ashtray Vintage Maxim's de Paris Ashtray Vintage Maxim's de Paris Ashtray
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