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Vintage Italian Navy Wool Blanket

Vintage Italian Navy Wool Blanket


Patria e Onore
"Country and Honor"  
~Italian Navy Motto 


The Regina Marina, the Royal Italian Navy, was established on March 17, 1861 following the formation of the Regno d'Italia, the Kingdom of Italy. Just as the Kingdom was a unification of various states in the Italian Peninsula, the Regina Marina was formed from the navies of those states. During its early years, the Regina Marina lacked uniformity as the ships were acquired from different kingdoms. The differences in the way the various navies worked and the rivalries between the separate kingdoms were added layers of challenge to the newly founded navy. 

In the years that followed its beginning, efforts were made to improve the uniformity and might of the Regina Marina. The Italian Navy's ambitious goal was to equal the naval strength of the British Royal Navy. No easy task, to be certain! Against the odds, the Italian Navy procured faster, more powerful ships and by World War II, the Italian Navy increased considerably in the ranks, rising to become the fourth largest force in the world. 

After the Italian monarchy was abolished in 1946, the birth of the Italian Republic marked the name-change of the Regina Marina to the Marina Militare, the modern-day Italian Navy.

Discovered in a defunct supply depot outside of Rome, Italy, we are thrilled to offer authentic wool blankets produced exclusively for the Italian Navy. Made of thick, soft wool, they are warm and durable and dyed the official deep royal blue color of the Italian Navy. Imbued with the relaxed elegance and the impeccable quality that are the hallmarks of Italian design, each blanket is whip stitched along the edges, and bears the simple anchor crest of the Italian Navy in each of the blanket's corners.  

Warm & honest, they are the perfect, cozy blanket bringing a touch of Italian style to your home. 

Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale. In very good vintage condition. Dry Clean Only. 84" x 68"

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Vintage Italian Navy Wool Blanket Vintage Italian Navy Wool Blanket Vintage Italian Navy Wool Blanket Vintage Italian Navy Wool Blanket
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