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Camp Fire Girls Mug

Camp Fire Girls Mug


Worship God.
Seek beauty;
Give service, &
Knowledge pursue.
Be trustworthy ever, in all that you do.
Hold fast onto health,
And your work glorify,
And you will be happy, in the law of Camp Fire. 

 Informally founded in Maine in 1910, Camp Fire Girls began as a "means of doing for the girls what the Boy Scout movement is designed to do for the boys". From the humble beginnings of a lucky group of 17 girls at a camp on Lake Sebago in South Casco, Maine, Camp Fire Girls quickly grew to over 60,000 members by 1913. 

Camp Fire Girls have always been on a mission to live by their motto of "Give Service".  During World War I, Camp Fire Girls helped to sell over one million dollars in Liberty Bonds and over $900,000 in Thrift Stamps; 55,000 girls helped to support French and Belgian orphans, and an estimated 68,000 girls earned honors by conservation of food.

Camp Fire Girls was the first nonsectarian, multicultural organization for girls in America.  Since 1975, the organization welcomes both boys and girls and goes simply by the name of Camp Fire. It remains dedicated to its watchword:


(Work, Health, Love)

From an East Coast china manufacturing depot, a limited collection of sturdy diner mugs decorated with the Camp Fire Girls logo used during the 1960s.

8 oz. capacity. Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe.

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