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Tatine Candle Collection

Tatine Candle Collection


Celebration Day
Flowers on the Hill
Love that Burns
Morning Sun

With a passion for enriching life with fragrance, Tatine Candles draw their creative inspiration from the soulful power of music, and the magical moments of discovery that only travel can awaken. Lovingly hand-crafted right here in Chicago, Tatine Candles are sure to light the fire of inspiration with their dreamy fragrances.

A lyrical interpretation of memories, moments, music and emotion, these evocative candles will fill your space with their delicate scents and comforting warm glow.

Scents Available:

Celebration Day : A little celebration, there’s something in the air. Bitter sweet orange blossoms, neroli, and pine bark. A jubilant cascade of fragrant white blossoms from the bitter orange tree, brightened with evergreen. We're gonna dance and sing in celebration.

Flowers On The Hill : Beds of clover and dark green grasses in heavenly realms. Oakmoss mixes with rose oil and geranium bourbon leading to a dry down of lemon oil. The wildings of nature that lull you back to the summer of your dreams. I'll see you in the sky above, the tall grass in the ones I love.

Love That Burns : A saturated heart of deep red garden roses unfurls to citrus melodies of lemon and dark bitter orange oil, graced with soft notes of orange blossom and carnation. The bitter and the sweet. Lemon rose earth. Give me your love in return, but please don’t leave me with a love that burns.

Morning Sun : Brimming with solar and citrus notes, velvety apricot syrup, and fresh green lime leaves. Mild spicy hints of pink peppercorn and timur pepper deliver deep red grapefruit notes perfumed with sweet intoxicating orange blossoms. Rich apricot nectar and a tinge of gourmand praline wood add a soft creaminess to this wishful fragrance. All night long I have been waiting.

Please choose fragrance from the drop down menu above. 2 ounce soy wax candle delivered in clear recycled glass. Burn time of approximately 16 hours.

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Tatine Candle Collection Tatine Candle Collection Tatine Candle Collection Tatine Candle Collection Tatine Candle Collection
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