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Panier des Sens Jasmine Eau de Toilette

Panier des Sens Jasmine Eau de Toilette


Fashioned in Provence, it's easy to see why we have fallen for this collection of pretty French apothecaries. Fragrant yet subtle, evocative yet delicate, this collection is inspired by the natural and lush beauty that is so unique to Provence.

Carefully crafted by honoring time-tested techniques while embracing the modern science of French parfumeurs, this special collection is sourced entirely in Provence, capturing the undeniably warm, rich, and sensuous spirit we so love about the region.

A lovely example of the fine offerings of this French parfumerie, we are simply taken by the fragrant offerings of this Jasmine Eau de Toilette.  Infused with the absolute essence of pure white Jasmine, this soft yet expressive, elegant yet easy elixir is sure to share its certain romance and calming allure wherever you may roam. 

1.7 fluid ounces. Decorative case measures 5 3/4" x 4 3/4", Bottle measures 5 3/4".

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Panier des Sens Jasmine Eau de Toilette
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