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Savon de Marseille - French Liquid Soap

Savon de Marseille - French Liquid Soap


Figue (unavailable)
Olive wood
Wild Rose
Cotton (unavailable)
French law requires that any soap called "Marseille" be made from a minimum of 72% vegetable oil. This premium Marseille liquid soap lasts so long, works so well, and looks so fantastic that it's going to be your new favorite soap - just like it is ours! The 500 ml. glass bottle has a clean, bold design that bring its style to any sink.

Still made in a cauldron according to longtime tradition, this legendary Marseille soap is made with vegetable oils and natural glycerine. Biodegradable, it's guaranteed free of artificial coloring and animal fats.

Available fragrances are:
  • Figue ~ "The seductive aroma of the fig of Provence reveals refined and original notes";
  • Olive Wood ~ "A fragrance with notes of wood, heated by the sun, enhanced by notes of citrus & camphor that bring a touch of freshness.
  • Wild Rose ~ "Scented with the essential oils of rose and blended with the fresh notes of citrus and the sensual base note of wood and musk".
  • Cotton ~ "A light, powdery fragrance of cotton flower and white musk"
    16.9 oz.  Bottle measures 7" tall x 3 1/2" wide.

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Savon de Marseille - French Liquid Soap
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