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Lothantique Candle - Linen

Lothantique Candle - Linen


Inspired by the beauty and traditional fragrances of Provence, the Lothantique Linen Candle will transport you to green fields overflowing with wildflowers and clean linens waving in the breeze against the blue skies of the French countryside. Crisp, clean, and fresh, this candle will fill your space with its delicate scent and warm glow for up to 35 hours. 

6.7 oz. Measures 3.5"H x 3"D.

Learn More About Lothantique

Infused with rich spirit and history, Denis and Dominique Vogade carry on the lifestyle founded by their grandparents with the creation of Lothantique, a modern company that combines old world Provencal tradition and formulas with contemporary technology.   Selecting only the finest ingredients from the most elite regions of the world, Lothantique strives to recreate the handmade quality and uniqueness first engaged by their founding grandparents, the Vogades of Haute-Provence, in order to bring you the finest selection of luxurious bath, beauty and home fragrance products.

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Lothantique Candle - Linen Lothantique Candle - Linen Lothantique Candle - Linen Lothantique Candle - Linen
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