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Linnea's Lights Candles

Linnea's Lights Candles


Moroccan Rose
Belgian Linen
Moss & Lichen
Sea Salt

Hand-poured and crafted from natural soy and pure essences, fill your home with the warm and inviting fragrances of Linnea's Lights Candles. These clean burning double cotton wick candles come to us in small batches from a Midwestern studio. With fragrances ranging from the romantic to the handsome, these stirring and succulent candles are sure to allure as we find ourselves drawn in by their evocative and heady offerings.

9 oz. 60 hour burn time. 4.5" x  3.5". Glass. Handmade in the USA. Matchbox Included.

Moroccan Rose :  Expressive, this piquaint floral fragrance evokes a garden in bloom with the scent of abundant lush roses.

Peony : Light and effervescent, the springtime bouquet of peonies in blossom looms with grace. 

Belgian Linen : Reminiscent of fresh crisp linens washed and dried on the line, undertones of fresh florals with sea air and golden flax share their clean, classic fragrance.

Moss & Lichen : Inspired by long walks through misty woodlands of Maine early in the morning, this delicate scent evokes the calm and stillness of the moss-covered forest floor.

Sea Salt : Inspired by breaking waves and sea spray in the air, the complex mineral taste from freshly harvested sea salt and the desire for tranquility. Briny kelp mixes with fresh citrus and bracing ocean mist. 

Elderflower : A midsummer's Swedish dream with pink amber and fairytale crowns made of delicate cream blossoms of the Elder Tree. Sparkling cocktails made with nectar and floral essences.

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Linnea's Lights Candles Linnea's Lights Candles Linnea's Lights Candles Linnea's Lights Candles
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