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Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish

Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish


With the flirty style of the original 1920s mold that was used to produce it, this sturdy glass dish sparkles with coquettish charms. Exactingly reissued by one of the last remaining hand-pressed glass manufacturers in the United States, this dish features a teasing bathing beauty rendered in Jadeite's iconic shade of green.

Perfect as a soap dish, she will happily hold everything from jewelry to candies, pocket change to keys! 

9" in length x 3" wide by 2.75" tall. Handwash Recommended.

Learn More About Jadeite

Jadeite was manufactured in the United States by many glass companies from the 1930s to the early 1970s. Each company produced a slight variant either lighter or darker of Jadeite's classic seafoam-green jade color.

Jadeite was heavy, durable, inexpensive and sometimes even free! It was often packaged as a giveaway in food and cleaning products. Many restaurants and diners served meals on Jadeite dishes, as they cost pennies to buy and were sturdy enough to hold up to commercial use.

Learn More About Milk Glass

Opaque Glass originated in 16th century Venice and came in a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, blue, and brown. The white variety beloved today rose to prominence during the Victorian era, when 
it was coveted as an economic dead-ringer for porcelain. (The Victorians also get credit for coining the term "milk glass.")

Its production and popularity waned during the Great Depression but saw a resurgence after World War II. During the 1950s and 1960s companies such as Anchor Hocking, Fenton, and Westmoreland increased production of milk glass pitchers, vases, plates and cake stands in all sorts of shapes and sizes to meet the demand for this timeless collectable.*

*History of Milk Glass adapted from Country Living article 

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Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish Jadeite Bathing Beauty Dish
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