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500 Hidden Secrets of Paris Book

500 Hidden Secrets of Paris Book


From the eyes of Parisian-born journalist Marie Farman, 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris is the ultimate insider's guide to the City of Light.

With Marie's help, wander through the doors of a tiny stationary store, get lost in an undiscovered yet treasure-filled antique market, sip coffee at a secret charming midnight café, and discover the other hundreds of tucked-away secrets of this beloved city through the eyes of a true Parisian. 

With lists and lists of the best of just about everything, this beautifully illustrated guide features lush photographs and images sure to enchant tourists and locals alike. For those who seek the road less traveled, uncover the secluded and hushed riches of Paris with this book and, we promise, avoiding the road well-traveled has never been such a delight.

7" x 4 3/4". Soft cover. 256 pages.

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500 Hidden Secrets of Paris Book
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