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Vintage French Treasures With Stories To Tell

A gorgeous Majolica pitcher reminiscent of the chestnut trees along the Seine, a warm and naive floral still life more charming with age, a wooden travel frame from 1880 Cannes, an intricately carved antique Fôret Noir jewelry box, a handsome French chocolate pot in the richest of blues... each and every one of our latest finds has a story. 

Here at P.O.S.H., we have collected as many memories of our travels to the markets as we have one-of-a-kind treasures. With stories of our own to tell, we can't help but let our latest collection of wonders speak for themselves.

Fresh from the markets and certain to delight, please visit us at poshchicago.com to browse our latest collection. Rich in history with stories all their own, perhaps you will find one of their stories to be the story to your heart.

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