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TRUE CONFESSIONS: we have a weakness for Kitchenalia. (Okay, confessions are supposed to have an element of surprise...and THAT confession is no surprise AT ALL...and Kitchenalia?!? Does anyone use that word? Of course not...but it just SOUNDS more respectable, more sophisticated, more fancy than Kitchen STUFF.)

So, as I was saying...Kitchenalia - we love it. And we ESPECIALLY love old French Kitchenalia (again, no surprise) and we ESPECIALLY love this absolutely charmingly pink Enamelware Allumettes Box that would have hung on the wall near the stove and held a goodly amount of matches. Of course nobody lights the stove with matches anymore (it IS the 21st century after all and only YOU can prevent kitchen fires), but we DO light lovely soy candles and in our dream world we make extravagant desserts that need to be flambéed...and so, matches and adorable pink Vintage French Match Holders!

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