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✨Tempus Fugit...Time Flies✨

The year was 1997 and with a dream of creating something beautiful, I plunged headlong into this adventure called P.O.S.H. 
Armed with a passion for collecting, a love of the European flea markets and just enough youthful naïveté to ignore the naysayers, I embarked on a journey that has taken me around the world - without ever forgetting the path back home. 

For 20 years, P.O.S.H. has sought to inspire, to preserve beautiful pieces of history, to tell the engaging stories of another time and place and to offer something that would touch people's hearts. :

This little shop has 100% been a labor of love and it has only been possible with the unwavering dedication of our beloved staff, the generous help of dear family and friends, and of course, our loyal customers who have joined us on this journey, encouraging us every step of the way with enthusiasm and support.

We pause for a moment to reflect on the past 20 wonderful years...and at the same time, we look forward to Year 21 and beyond!🥂💕

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