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If you're not familiar with Anthology magazine, you should be.  Each gorgeous issue is centered around a theme.  In other words, for Anthology, it's all about the story. And in case you hadn't realized it, here at P.O.S.H. we love almost nothing more than a good story.  So we were thrilled when Anthology contacted us to tell our story about a specific product in the shop - it could be any product.  So we looked across our well-stocked shelves and settled on a product we had carried for years.  It was familiar, beloved and had become a P.O.S.H. classic:  our Birthday Cake Candle Holders. 

“We found these whimsical, heirloom-quality candle holders several years ago at one of the last remaining silversmiths in New York City. Handcrafted in pewter, they are made using the original mid-century molds". - Karl Sorensen 

Thank you Anthology for giving us the chance to tell one of our stories!

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