Jadeite Pitcher
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Jadeite Pitcher


Exactingly reissued by one of the last remaining glass manufacturers in the United States, we are proud to offer our lovely Jadeite Glass Pitcher.  Pressed from an original, vintage mold, this paneled pitcher with its sweetly scalloped rim is not only beautiful, but sturdy and functional as well. 

Measures 8 1/2" high by 4 1/2" in diameter.  Holds approximately 3 quarts. Slight variations are customary in pressed glass and should not be considered defects. 

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Jadeite was manufactured in the United States by many companies from the 1930s to  the early 1970s.  Each company produced a slight variant either lighter or darker of jadeite's basic seafoam-green color.  Jadeite was heavy, durable, inexpensive and, sometimes even free!  It was often packaged as a giveaway in food and cleaning products. Many restaurants and diners served meals on jadite dishes, as they cost pennies to buy and were sturdy enough to hold up to commercial use. 

By far the largest and most well-known producer of jadeite was the Anchor Hocking Glass Co.   Hocking Glass was founded in 1905, near Lancaster, Ohio, and produced, among other things, pressed-glass dinnerware.  After Hocking merged with Anchor Glass in 1937 and formed the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, they began to manufacture glass ovenware that could endure high temperatures. Their wildly successful line of ovenproof glass, called Fire-King, debuted in 1942 and was made for 30 years. Offered in a variety of colors, Fire-King named their opaque green color Jadeite and it would become the line's most popular color.

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